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Be Still

Be still my heart

Beat softly;


Evil treads near

Beat silently;


Hush your pounding

Quiet your pulse;


Evil treads near

Beat softly;


Slow your pace

Calm your beating;


For evil treads near and he will find you….

The Window

A willowy figure stands by the window.

The light from the fading day shrouds her in shadow.

A wisp of hair billows near her face from a breeze of unknown origin.


The veil of darkness across her face fails to hide the tear falling slowly down her cheek

and falls silently to the ground in front of her, unhindered.

It is only one and belies the deluge that remains held in by her will.


Her eyes look blankly out on the people walking in the park just beyond her window.

She longs to join them and escape the abyss where she finds herself.

Her thoughts and breathing cease as the heavy footsteps draw nearer.


She prays that he doesn’t see her and that the footsteps pass by and disappear.

They don’t.

Instead, she hears them slow and then stop.

The footsteps are now replaced by his filthy mouth drawing in air and expelling it again in her direction.


She knows that soon his footsteps will begin moving closer and she will be unable to stop him.


Her eyes lock onto a girl in the park beyond her window and she fervently wishes she could be walking next to her.

Talking about their plans for the school break or laughing at silly jokes.

Anything that is different from her grisly reality.


The footsteps begin again, getting louder and closer.

As his enormous hand grabs a mass of her hair, she grieves.

She knows that safety and life are just on the other side of that thin pane of glass.


~ Diana Wells

Frozen Silence

As the pain melted from her face the room is pierced with silence.

Her hand begins to cool despite being wrapped in mine and I instinctively pull the covers up trying to keep her warm. But still her hand grows colder and the ice crawls up toward my heart.

I close my eyes and hold my breath as I will my heart to stop. I want to fall to the hard floor beneath me and never get up.

Blurred figures move in and out of my periphery until the room is empty and still.

It is only her and me now. But maybe it is really only me.

I am frozen to the spot next to her. She was still here just moments ago but now she is gone. I couldn’t keep her here. I wouldn’t want to extend her pain. But now I am alone even as I hold her hand.

I am paralyzed and I don’t know what to do. I cannot simply walk out of the room and leave her.

So, I stand frozen by the cold hand wrapped in mine.

~Diana Wells

Wait Child Wait

Her heart leapt in her chest as he took her hand in his.

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


Joy flooded her body as he whispered secrets in her ear.

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


He tells her he loves her and she thinks her dreams have come true.

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


She is blinded by the diamond when he asks her to be his wife

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


In a whirl of roses and lace, she dances through her wedding day.

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


Now the roses have died and the dancing has stopped.

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


Fear grips her soul as his footsteps draw him closer to her hiding place.

Hush child, hush.

Don’t give your heart away.


Pain rushes through her body as he releases his anger with his fist.

Hush child, hush.

Steal your heart away.

The Shoe

A curious thing is a shoe in the road,

alone and departed from the foot it once knew.

How did it come to be there this way,

with not a soul around?


Is there a being traveling this road with one shoe on

and the other mysteriously missing?

Or did someone acting mischievously

Just toss it there as they passed by

Knowing that another, such as myself,

Would find it and begin to puzzle?


With questions unanswered and

my mind still wondering,

I decide to move on.


Yet, first, I pause to slowly gaze downward

just to be certain I still possess both

my shoes.