Exercise #2

The baby is finally almost here and yet I want the chance to

change my mind. I find myself remembering my first “blind” date –

feeling the excitement of what could be and the terror of

what might be. Wanting to call it off and yet knowing it is too late.


Remember the mighty voice

that held high the iron cross,

preaching such pride in nation and race.


Remember the way it began

with parades and gold stars,

yet soon came the sound of shattering glass.


Remember the despair

as cattle cars slammed shut,

and darkness surrounded the bitter cold.


Remember skull-like faces

behind the barbed wire fences,

and the smell of disease and rotting flesh.


Remember the screams

within deadly showers

and pits of naked corpses climbing toward the sky.


Remember the survivors

for this is what they have seen.

They have been through the bowels of hell

and made it back again.


Remember it all

so that none will forget;

we think it could never happen now,

yet we thought it could never happen then.


I am afraid. He holds me and I can face it.

I am unsure. He takes my hand and I can make it

I am sad. He kisses my tears and I can bear it.

I am happy. He dances with me and I can share it.

I am angry. He listens to me and I can release it.

I am alone.

He comes to me and I cannot remember it.

The Station

Two figures appear and move through the station

unaware of the activity around them.

Clouds issue forth from panting steam engines

surrounding them both as if to slow their progress,

while whistles and boarding calls pull them along.


Others rush past embracing their loved ones

filling the air with joy and excitement.

The two watch with longing yet quickly move past

as they swallow the sadness within them.


An eternity has past before they reach the platform

but it seems too soon for them,

and, after summoning the strength, one figure boards.


The other now stands alone.

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