At the Department Store with a Tomato

unnamedThis past Saturday I was running some errands and ended up at a nearby mall in Macy’s for a couple items. By the time I got there I had been out and about for a while so I needed a little pit stop – if you get my drift.

When I entered there was a mom and a couple kids in there washing their hands at the sink and were there longer than usual but I waited patiently for my turn and took the time to return a text from a friend.  By the time I had completed my text and looked up again, they were gone, but I noticed that they had left something sitting on the sink.

My first instinct was to grab the item and run after them to return it, but something made me pause a bit too long to follow through on that initial reaction. The item that they had left behind sitting on the bathroom sink at Macy’s department store was a TOMATO.  Just for clarification purposes, this was not a little cherry tomato – this was a large full sized, nice looking tomato.

How does that even happen? What is the thought process for something like that?

– Hey, let me grab a tomato on my way out the door to Macy’s. Oh, and let me stick it in my purse and take it into the store with me.

Even if this scenario were reasonable (which it isn’t)- How does it end up getting left on the bathroom counter??

Now I know, some of you are going to comment saying that she had kids with her and they had the tomato. So, let’s  explore that option….

– Here small child. Take this large easily smooshed and potentially very messy veggie (fruit – whatever) and carry it with you in the car and then into the department store while we go shopping.

I cannot make that work in my mind. I cannot find any reasonable scenario that puts that tomato on the bathroom counter of Macy’s. I just can’t.

However, I would be willing to bet that the actual sequence of events that led to that tomato ending up in that bathroom is better than anything I could make up.  It just has to be….


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