Sherpa Hats…An Impulse Buy

My husband is a frugal and very financially astute man. However, he has a bizarre weakness for infomercial type products – Our kitchen is full of things he has bought in this manner and some are very useful and some just take up space – That being said, I feel compelled to share his latest impulse buy with you.

The other day my husband came home from work and during our “how was your day” conversation he kind of looked down sheepishly and started the following conversation:

Hubby: Just so you know I made a purchase today.

(This was kind of unusual because he makes purchases all the time without any sort of proclamation, so my curiosity was already peaked.)

Me:  Ok. What was it?

Hubby: It was kind of an impulse buy.

Me: Really? (Now I’m really curious) What was it?

Hubby: Sherpa hats.

Me: Sherpa hats?? (I’m already trying very hard not to laugh)

Hubby: Yeah, you know those winter hats that have flaps that come down over your ears…

Me: Ok. (I’m no longer hiding my laughter) Well, those are warm and it will be nice to wear when I walk the dog. (I’m trying to make him feel better)

Hubby: Yeah.

Me:  Did you get one for all three of us?

Hubby: Well, I actually bought 12.

Me: (Lots of laughter prior to speaking) 12?  Why did we need 12 Sherpa hats?

Hubby: Well, it was a good price and they came in bulk. It seemed like a good deal.

Me:  Laughing way too hard for any response.

The moral of this story?
If you are one of my friends…guess what you are getting for Christmas.

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