Mathew 14:23 Devotion

Making Time for Yourself – a Devotion

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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017
Matthew 14:23 (NASB)

23After He had sent the crowds away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray; and when it was evening, He was there alone.

We live in a hustle, hurry-up world that encourages multitasking at epic levels; even stopping for lunch is seen as unproductive. How many of us have more than one smartphone? How big of a panic attack does it cause when you accidentally leave your phone at home or, worse, you can’t find it? I’m guilty of that one.

Being connected is great, but taking time to disconnect is just as important. Taking time for yourself is not sinful or lazy—in fact, Jesus modeled it for us throughout His ministry. If you think you have a lot to do, think about Jesus. In His three years of active ministry, He taught, healed, fed, rebuked, performed miracles, and raised the dead to life. He was constantly surrounded by throngs of people asking Him questions, begging for healing, or longing to touch Him. That sounds exhausting to me, but then, I am only human.

Jesus was the Son of God. Surely, He didn’t need time for Himself, did He? Yes, He did. There are several times in the Bible when Jesus stopped and took time to be alone. Was Jesus lazy or selfish? No. He knew the limitations of His human body and spirit. He knew when He needed to rest and reconnect with God.

If you have a hectic career, you will accomplish much more if you take time for yourself each day. It doesn’t mean you are lazy or unproductive. It means you care enough about your job to give the best of yourself to it.

Parents with children at home, you can be a better parent if you take time for yourself. It doesn’t mean you are selfish or you don’t love your children. It means you love them enough to want to be the best parent for them.

Whatever your day requires, make sure you schedule time for yourself in ways that help you recharge. It can be relaxing, praying, taking a walk, or taking your full lunch hour. If it was important for Jesus to take time for Himself, it is even more important for us!

Written by Diana Wells

Wife of Gerry, mother of Caleb, child of God.

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