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My Positivity Challenge

I did not make up this particular challenge I am sure but where I read it I cannot remember. I read about these challenges often and there is a possibility that I may have taken this idea from more than one. Either way, this is my attempt at trying to make myself and the world around me a little more positive. This is my Positivity Challenge.

I decided that any time I passed someone in my day, I would find one thing positive to say to them. Something simple like “I like your glasses.” or “That color looks good on you.”  Now, I will say that I had to adjust that somewhat a couple hours in because if you are just passing by a stranger in the mall or street, it is actually awkward to say that or it is just not possible because they have passed you before you get anything out of your mouth.  Another alteration I decided to make is for the work environment because you will have the same people walk past you, or you past them, many times a day. And, well, to be honest it starts to get a little creepy sounding if you compliment them every time they walk past your desk or office.

I altered my positivity challenge to include just those I spoke to. That made it a bit less awkward and creepy.  Whatever way it is done, an interesting thing happens.  It is quite simple, but huge at the same time. Our world tends to look toward the negative things automatically in the media, television and in each other. However, when you challenge yourself to say one positive thing to every person you speak to in the course of the day, that thought process shifts.  You find yourself being so preoccupied with trying to pick out that one positive thing for each person that all you can focus on is the positive.

I discovered that when I saw someone approaching me and I knew we were going to have at least a brief conversation I started analyzing everything I might could say to them that was positive.  That is not to say that it was hard to find positive things so I had to really work at it, instead, i found I was trying to find something slightly unique and authentic to say to each person.  I didn’t want to just say, “That color looks good on you.” to every person I passed because I saw the reaction they had whenever I made my positive comment. They all would smile. I like to make people smile, and to that end I wanted to find that unique thing about each person to compliment.

In going through this exercise for a couple of days, I found that it was increasingly difficult to focus on negative things because I was so consumed with finding the positive and the end result was not just that it made other people smile, but it actually kept me smiling all day.

Try the challenge today and see how it changes your mind set!