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So Far Away

The sky overhead is gray and gloomy.

There is a strange chill in the air.

It is spring and getting nearer to summer.

The days should be warm and sunny

with birds singing and squirrels playing.


Today there is a strange silence

broken only by the chilling wind moving through the trees.

We seem so far away from the rest of the world

high atop this mountain;

however, reality looms closer than we know.


Thousands of miles away the only silence is heard

Between gunshots and bombs.

Children cry and tears fall from terrified eyes.

Mothers weep for their children that didn’t escape the attack.


We can’t imagine what it is like to watch

Your home destroyed by war.

We seem detached from the world here

and yet we are very involved.


When the time comes,

all these young men sitting with us now will be taken away;

forced to murder people they don’t even know.

And these same people will be forced to murder them.


Our friends, boyfriends and husbands killed –

For a reason that no one will ever understand.


It seems so far away.

Crack Baby

First gasp of breath cut short by a wail

as tender skin is touched by latex hands.

the only sounds are muted outside a sterile jail.

Unable to cry or fight because a thing

more powerful rips through fragile veins

and takes control.


Tubes and needles prod their sources

as new eyes sense eternal light.


Then the evil demon is met by a

powerful foe in a battle which ends

in life or death.


At last there comes the final blow.

The struggle has ended and evil has won.

Darkness now covers that which will never be

and another nameless father has lost

his nameless son.

Song Of Life

I walk alone on a winding path

while others call my name;

the power is not mine to answer

for I do not understand the words.


I answer the song I feel in my heart

but cannot find the words.

The rhythm is smooth and becomes my life,

yet I search in vain for the words.

The music is free and launches my spirit

and slowly I try to see the words.


I understand now why I must walk alone

and leave all others behind.

The words I find I cannot tell

for they are my heart, my life.


To give them away would be my death

for I would have to tear out my soul.


The auditorium is as still as a meadow after a storm

and all is blackness outside the blinding spotlight.

The mustiness of costumes against damp flesh fills the air

with an odor only an actor can love.

The young actors rest.


The girls discard their costumes,

Ignoring the wrinkles this will create;

They squirm inside ancient corsets.

The boys remain motionless,

hoping to find relief from the heat

that presses on their wet skin.


Sweat melts their faces, creating an evil distortion

as youth breaks through the premature aging.

Eyes droop beneath the masks

and yet the fire will always remain.

It burns the brightest beneath those lights

and belies their one true love.


A barking command shocks them into motion

and the metamorphosis begins.

In an instant, they will hide all signs of youth

and become the faces of an era long past.

Yet still the fire remains.

Invisible me

Invisible me

I walk slowly through the room as the chatter drones on and on. The smiles and laughter emanating from the figures adorned in all the glitter. They throw their heads back in laughter as they make clever conversation with the glittering figure standing in front of them. I wonder how different they would speak and act if they removed the glitter, the expensive wine and the desire to impress.

How would they act or be if these same people were in the middle of a beautiful field surrounded by nature and wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and sneakers?

What if they suddenly felt no need to impress each other? I’m not sure they would have anything to talk about or that they would even want to. I think they would move toward people that believed what they believed and away from those that didn’t.

What would they think if they were invisible like me?

I can see everything clearly from my invisible stance. I have no one to impress because no one can even see me. I’m not busy trying to make clever small talk because no one can hear me. Instead I am able to see clearly at how ridiculous the visible are with each other and I can see no clear reason why they should want to be that way.

Invisible me

Talk to me. Walk with me. See me.

I am here and I matter.

So many people in such a hurry to get somewhere they don’t even want to be.

Leaving behind so many things they will wish they had waited for but will never be able to return.

Trying to hard to impress people they don’t even like only to miss the people who really cared.

One day their hurried lives will be brought to a halt and what will they have? Who will stop with them?

That is when they will see all the people in such a hurry to get somewhere they will never reach.

Then they will know all the things they passed by and never took the time to see. They will know all they missed and all they can never have again.

All because they were in such a hurry to get somewhere they never wanted to be.