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Frozen Silence

As the pain melted from her face the room is pierced with silence.

Her hand begins to cool despite being wrapped in mine and I instinctively pull the covers up trying to keep her warm. But still her hand grows colder and the ice crawls up toward my heart.

I close my eyes and hold my breath as I will my heart to stop. I want to fall to the hard floor beneath me and never get up.

Blurred figures move in and out of my periphery until the room is empty and still.

It is only her and me now. But maybe it is really only me.

I am frozen to the spot next to her. She was still here just moments ago but now she is gone. I couldn’t keep her here. I wouldn’t want to extend her pain. But now I am alone even as I hold her hand.

I am paralyzed and I don’t know what to do. I cannot simply walk out of the room and leave her.

So, I stand frozen by the cold hand wrapped in mine.

~Diana Wells

Wait Child Wait

Her heart leapt in her chest as he took her hand in his.

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


Joy flooded her body as he whispered secrets in her ear.

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


He tells her he loves her and she thinks her dreams have come true.

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


She is blinded by the diamond when he asks her to be his wife

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


In a whirl of roses and lace, she dances through her wedding day.

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


Now the roses have died and the dancing has stopped.

Wait, child, wait.

Don’t give your heart away.


Fear grips her soul as his footsteps draw him closer to her hiding place.

Hush child, hush.

Don’t give your heart away.


Pain rushes through her body as he releases his anger with his fist.

Hush child, hush.

Steal your heart away.

The Shoe

A curious thing is a shoe in the road,

alone and departed from the foot it once knew.

How did it come to be there this way,

with not a soul around?


Is there a being traveling this road with one shoe on

and the other mysteriously missing?

Or did someone acting mischievously

Just toss it there as they passed by

Knowing that another, such as myself,

Would find it and begin to puzzle?


With questions unanswered and

my mind still wondering,

I decide to move on.


Yet, first, I pause to slowly gaze downward

just to be certain I still possess both

my shoes.

So Far Away

The sky overhead is gray and gloomy.

There is a strange chill in the air.

It is spring and getting nearer to summer.

The days should be warm and sunny

with birds singing and squirrels playing.


Today there is a strange silence

broken only by the chilling wind moving through the trees.

We seem so far away from the rest of the world

high atop this mountain;

however, reality looms closer than we know.


Thousands of miles away the only silence is heard

Between gunshots and bombs.

Children cry and tears fall from terrified eyes.

Mothers weep for their children that didn’t escape the attack.


We can’t imagine what it is like to watch

Your home destroyed by war.

We seem detached from the world here

and yet we are very involved.


When the time comes,

all these young men sitting with us now will be taken away;

forced to murder people they don’t even know.

And these same people will be forced to murder them.


Our friends, boyfriends and husbands killed –

For a reason that no one will ever understand.


It seems so far away.

Crack Baby

First gasp of breath cut short by a wail

as tender skin is touched by latex hands.

the only sounds are muted outside a sterile jail.

Unable to cry or fight because a thing

more powerful rips through fragile veins

and takes control.


Tubes and needles prod their sources

as new eyes sense eternal light.


Then the evil demon is met by a

powerful foe in a battle which ends

in life or death.


At last there comes the final blow.

The struggle has ended and evil has won.

Darkness now covers that which will never be

and another nameless father has lost

his nameless son.