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Johnny Manziel gets a piece of humble pie

I love football but I don’t like it when people take a really talented kid and decide he is the greatest ever and the answer to every NFL teams’ prayers.  You just set these kids up for disappointment and a big slap in the face with reality.

First, Johnny Manziel is a talented player, but he is not infallible and he is also not safe from injuries and bad days or bad seasons. Unfortunately, I think he was hyped up so big that some of the teams did not want to even deal with it.  Many people thought the Cowboys should take him but Jerry Jones has some bizarre attachment to Romo so, if they had taken Manziel, he would not have gotten to play as long as Romo was healthy or they probably could not have fit both of them under the cap.

I am very disappointed by the look on Manziel’s face when he is holding up his Browns jersey for photos at the draft. You can tell he was deflated that he was not even anywhere near the top 10 picks and was passed over by many he thought would jump at the chance to “get” him. However, I think he needed this little piece of humble pie. I think that now he can move past all the hype that has been following him and go out and play some great football.

Johnny Manziel should be so excited about the awesome opportunity with the Browns that he would have never gotten on many of the other teams. They need some life breathed back into that team and they need some excitement built around them.  Johnny will actually get to play with the Browns I’m sure and he has the chance to take a team from not being very highly regarded to one that could have a shot at the super bowl in a couple years – if Manziel can focus on his leadership of the team and his game now that he doesn’t have as much of the
hype that had been built around him.

I think this was the perfect match for both Manziel and the Cleveland Browns and getting a piece of humble pie never hurt anyone and actually will probably help Manziel and the Browns to move on to greatness.