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Insomnia – A Night in My Head


My brain does this thing I refer to as “spinning” because that is exactly what it feels like.  It does this constantly but it is most annoying at night if I wake up in the middle of the night and the insomnia begins which is what happened the other night.  So, I thought I would share what it is like in my mind on one of these occasions.

Sleeping soundly


I’m cold, but I don’t want to get up to get the extra blanket on the chair. Hmmm…maybe if I wiggle further under the covers it will be warmer.

Not working. Still cold. I wish I would have just gotten up to get the blanket.

Hubby is always warm.  I’ll scoot over there and snuggle. (hubby is sweet and puts his arm around me – he probably assumes I’m cold since I always am).

Warm now. My jammie pants are twisted. I wonder if I can get them straightened out without bothering hubby. my arm is starting to fall asleep. My face itches.  Hubby’s breathing sounds so peaceful. I wish I could be asleep right now. I wonder what time it is. Darn I can’t see the clock from here. Maybe if I breathe like hubby I will fall asleep. My arm is really falling asleep.

(I start trying to match his breathing)  That was a nice deep breath. very relaxing. This is gonna work. Wait. Did he already exhale? How long can he hold his breath? Is he still alive? (He exhales) Ok. this is good. Another deep breath. Ok. I can wait until he exhales this time. I wonder if I can use my ipod in my new car?  I wonder if I would get tired of my songs. No. I really like those songs and there are a lot of them on there.

(About this time one of my dogs moves over and curls up next to me) Oh that helps me warm up. My arm is really asleep. How can I fall asleep with my arm asleep? But I can’t move now because I am wedged between my dog and my hubby.

I wonder what time it is. I wish I could see the clock. What should I wear to church in the morning? Do I want to wear my new boots or maybe just casual and warm with a sweatshirt and athletic shoes? Should I wear my hair up or down?

I need to do laundry in the morning. I wonder if I should just get up now and get it started.  Darn, now I have to go to the bathroom. Maybe I can fall asleep and not think about it. I really need to go. It is really uncomfortable. I wish I was asleep right now. I wonder what time it is. Oh wait, I was supposed to be breathing with my hubby so it would put me to sleep. Ok big deep breath….my arm is really asleep. My jammie bottoms are still twisted. I wish I could fix them without disrupting my hubby. Oh wait. Big Exhale.

The boy goes back to school Monday. Hmmm….I wonder what time I need to get up to get him out the door for his new schedule. I don’t want to walk the dog in the morning because it is just too cold, but she is so cute, I have to.  We will just go fast. oops. big deep breath. Why isn’t this working. He is sleeping so soundly. Darn, I’m gonna have to get up and go to the bathroom….

This is just a few minutes of what happens in my brain in the middle of the night, but you get the idea.

What happens in your brain when you wake up in the middle of the night?
How do you overcome your insomnia?

Car Buying with Di

downloadOver the past couple of weeks my husband and I started car shopping for me. When he asked what I wanted I said another small SUV because they are comfortable and can hold stuff.  What stuff – I do not know, but if I ever needed to carry stuff, I could do so in an SUV.

This is kind of how car buying works in our house:

Step 1: Hubby decides it’s time

This is usually when I have been oohing and aahing over some new car out there, or complaining about something in my current car, or it starts needing to go in to be fixed more often – something like that is generally how it gets started.

Step 2: Hubby asks me what kind of car I want.
This step might take some time as I go back and forth on what type of vehicle I would like –

  • Sedan (comfy…no too “old person” for me… oh but they are super comfy),
  • SUV (love SUVs….they can carry lots of stuff…I don’t have any stuff to carry so I don’t need something that big….but what if I need to carry stuff – then I need an SUV)
  • Sporty type car (Oooh, those are cute and look so fun…..they can’t carry much stuff…. Oh but I would look so cute in one….they are hard to get in and out of….I’m not that old I can get in and out of a cute car for crying out loud….but they don’t carry much stuff)

Step 3:  I finally decide and tell him which one
This time I said an SUV.

Step 4: Hubby decides what the max price is that we can afford at this time
Hubby is extremely good at finances!  I just say “can I get this?” and he says yes or no. Usually it is yes.  But I digress from my story.

Step 5:  Hubby begins researching SUVs in that price range
This is actually his favorite part.
He looks up reviews, MPG, any know issues on them, check that car’s various forums of current owners, and of course finding the level model that has all the fun stuff I have requested.

Step 6:  Hubby finds the best pricing on a couple of the cars I choose from his selection.

This actually doesn’t take very long for me to decide because it is generally the one that comes in a pretty color and has all the fun stuff I wanted.

Step 7:  Hubby researches and prints out all the information on our trade.
He is so cute doing this stuff!

Step 8: Hubby determines the best dealerships for the vehicles I am choosing between
This step generally includes the elimination of any dealerships that I will find yucky or doesn’t have good vending machines in the waiting area for me.

Step 9:  We head out to Dealer #1 and then to the others until we feel we have exhausted our search and can make an informed decision.
This point is usually reached when I become hungry and want to go eat.

Step 10:  We decide on our final selection and then we return to that dealership while “we” make the deal and do all the paperwork.
By “we” I mean my hubby makes the deal while I check out the selection in the vending machines and wander around the show room eating whatever I chose until I have to sign something because I can sit still and pay attention that long.

This is a long process that takes my hubby a lot of time and effort as you can see.  I put all this out there so that you could understand the full impact of the rest of my story.

This time in our car buying process, during Step 9, I test drive a couple SUVs and then my eyes land on a sporty little red car while we were sitting down with the salesperson.  It is the same type of car that I have had previously and enjoyed which went to my son when he turned 16. However, it has a slightly different body style and this one was red – with sparkles in it!

Let me tell you, my hubby did give me quite the look when I decided I wanted that one instead but he didn’t say a word (he really, really loves me) except to tell the salesman that we would be back.

My hubby had to go back and do all those steps again for the new car I decided I wanted and then we once again got back to Step 9 and following.

I now have a new, red, sparkly sporty car and you have a tiny insight into what it is like to love someone that has ADD, or ADHD or whatever they have decided to call it now.

Tell me your car buying experiences!

Why Should I Give To a Charity? I Can Barely Pay My Own Bills!

Well, it is that time of year again. The time when every non-profit you have ever heard of, and many you haven’t, comes out of the woodwork asking you for money, toy donations or to volunteer your time. Am I right? And the only thought in your head is ‘why on earth should I give my hard earned money to a charity when I barely have enough to pay my own bills’. I know I’m right because I have thought the same thing.  Read More….

My Positivity Challenge

I did not make up this particular challenge I am sure but where I read it I cannot remember. I read about these challenges often and there is a possibility that I may have taken this idea from more than one. Either way, this is my attempt at trying to make myself and the world around me a little more positive. This is my Positivity Challenge.

I decided that any time I passed someone in my day, I would find one thing positive to say to them. Something simple like “I like your glasses.” or “That color looks good on you.”  Now, I will say that I had to adjust that somewhat a couple hours in because if you are just passing by a stranger in the mall or street, it is actually awkward to say that or it is just not possible because they have passed you before you get anything out of your mouth.  Another alteration I decided to make is for the work environment because you will have the same people walk past you, or you past them, many times a day. And, well, to be honest it starts to get a little creepy sounding if you compliment them every time they walk past your desk or office.

I altered my positivity challenge to include just those I spoke to. That made it a bit less awkward and creepy.  Whatever way it is done, an interesting thing happens.  It is quite simple, but huge at the same time. Our world tends to look toward the negative things automatically in the media, television and in each other. However, when you challenge yourself to say one positive thing to every person you speak to in the course of the day, that thought process shifts.  You find yourself being so preoccupied with trying to pick out that one positive thing for each person that all you can focus on is the positive.

I discovered that when I saw someone approaching me and I knew we were going to have at least a brief conversation I started analyzing everything I might could say to them that was positive.  That is not to say that it was hard to find positive things so I had to really work at it, instead, i found I was trying to find something slightly unique and authentic to say to each person.  I didn’t want to just say, “That color looks good on you.” to every person I passed because I saw the reaction they had whenever I made my positive comment. They all would smile. I like to make people smile, and to that end I wanted to find that unique thing about each person to compliment.

In going through this exercise for a couple of days, I found that it was increasingly difficult to focus on negative things because I was so consumed with finding the positive and the end result was not just that it made other people smile, but it actually kept me smiling all day.

Try the challenge today and see how it changes your mind set!

Diana Wears a Dress

DSC_0195Yes. This is news.

I work from home and, as such, I have an extensive collection of yoga pants that have never seen the inside of any yoga studio and probably never will.

My uniform:  yoga pants and a t-shirt in the summer; yoga pants and a sweatshirt in the winter.  I’m a simple girl.

What do I wear to church or other times when something dressier than yoga pants may be required?  Well either palazzo pants (which are basically just baggy/dressy yoga pants) with a nicer t-shirt or sweater and jewelry (that always makes an outfit fancy) or leggings (which are just super tight yoga pants) and a long dress shirt or sweater.

Like I said, I’m a simple girl.

However, this weekend was different. I went to the wedding of my nephew and I decided to break out an actual dress and shoes that had a slight heel (not even close to an athletic shoe). I’m not sure what kind of crazy got into me but there I was, with a dress and heels.

I helped them with the set up so I took my dress and heels with me to change into after decorating, etc.  When the time came, I went back and changed into my pretty dress and pretty shoes.  The dress was pretty and made me feel pretty.  Everyone I passed told me have pretty my dress was – so far, so good. The shoes looked pretty and went well with the dress.  However, after about 3.5 seconds, my feet were already revolting their abrupt shift to heels, but I was going to be pretty for one night and I told myself that it wasn’t going to kill me (at least I didn’t think it would).

The wedding was outside and it was a beautiful day with the sun shining.  As we sat down, it happened…the beautiful sunshine hit my normally yoga pant covered legs and I almost curled up and hid under my chair.  The beautiful sunshine on my legs reminded me that I had failed to remember to shave!!  Let me just say that I had not remembered to shave in quite some time.

I kept reminding myself that everyone would be focused on the beautiful bride and not on my fluffy legs – or at least I hoped so….I was horrified with myself!  I made it through the ceremony and the reception was thankfully dimly lit for ambiance. I survived.

When I got home, I shaved and then put my perfectly smooth legs back into some yoga pants!  🙂