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Funny Stories about my family that I won’t get in trouble for telling.

Only Child Walking

My son, my only child, left today for his last day of school…. ever.

This is the last day of his senior year. The last day of our morning routine that has been in place for the last 13 years. The last day I can really see him as a child. When he gets home today he will essentially be at the point of his life where his is ready to be on his own. Not that he is going to pack his car and run out the door this afternoon, no, I know how to disable his car. Just kidding – sort of….

No, he is not leaving the house today, but this day does mark the end of a very big part of both of our lives; his childhood. Don’t get me wrong, he is completely ready, equipped and able to take care of himself and that is exactly what I wanted. However, I suddenly don’t want that quite as much as I did earlier in the process of raising him.

I am currently caught in the cross hairs of the tug of war that comes with letting go of my child:

  • I am so proud of his accomplishments and his graduation, but I don’t want it to be over.
  • I am excited about his being able to go off to college and start living on his own, but I don’t want him to go.
  • I am excited to see where his life leads him, but I want to go with him.
  • I want him to be independent and love creating his own life, but I don’t at the same time.
  • I don’t want him to need me on a daily basis anymore, but I do.

In a few days my son will walk across the stage and receive his high school diploma. And the giant door to his childhood will effectively slam shut. Granted, another much more exciting door will be opening for him, but all I see is the one that is closing. I also know that he may be back for a while after college, but that won’t be quite the same.

People always told me to enjoy every moment because it will be gone so quickly. How is it that 18 years can be gone in the blink of an eye? I loved every second of his childhood and I can only hope that I gave him all the tools and experiences he will need to make the right choices and to be able to chase his dreams wherever they may lead.

In the end, that is what I really want. I want him to go out and experience life, make his own decisions and chase his dreams. All the while knowing that he always has a soft place to land when life is hard and when some dreams don’t work out.

How have you dealt with the transition from child to adult with your children? I would love some tips!

Car Buying with Di

downloadOver the past couple of weeks my husband and I started car shopping for me. When he asked what I wanted I said another small SUV because they are comfortable and can hold stuff.  What stuff – I do not know, but if I ever needed to carry stuff, I could do so in an SUV.

This is kind of how car buying works in our house:

Step 1: Hubby decides it’s time

This is usually when I have been oohing and aahing over some new car out there, or complaining about something in my current car, or it starts needing to go in to be fixed more often – something like that is generally how it gets started.

Step 2: Hubby asks me what kind of car I want.
This step might take some time as I go back and forth on what type of vehicle I would like –

  • Sedan (comfy…no too “old person” for me… oh but they are super comfy),
  • SUV (love SUVs….they can carry lots of stuff…I don’t have any stuff to carry so I don’t need something that big….but what if I need to carry stuff – then I need an SUV)
  • Sporty type car (Oooh, those are cute and look so fun…..they can’t carry much stuff…. Oh but I would look so cute in one….they are hard to get in and out of….I’m not that old I can get in and out of a cute car for crying out loud….but they don’t carry much stuff)

Step 3:  I finally decide and tell him which one
This time I said an SUV.

Step 4: Hubby decides what the max price is that we can afford at this time
Hubby is extremely good at finances!  I just say “can I get this?” and he says yes or no. Usually it is yes.  But I digress from my story.

Step 5:  Hubby begins researching SUVs in that price range
This is actually his favorite part.
He looks up reviews, MPG, any know issues on them, check that car’s various forums of current owners, and of course finding the level model that has all the fun stuff I have requested.

Step 6:  Hubby finds the best pricing on a couple of the cars I choose from his selection.

This actually doesn’t take very long for me to decide because it is generally the one that comes in a pretty color and has all the fun stuff I wanted.

Step 7:  Hubby researches and prints out all the information on our trade.
He is so cute doing this stuff!

Step 8: Hubby determines the best dealerships for the vehicles I am choosing between
This step generally includes the elimination of any dealerships that I will find yucky or doesn’t have good vending machines in the waiting area for me.

Step 9:  We head out to Dealer #1 and then to the others until we feel we have exhausted our search and can make an informed decision.
This point is usually reached when I become hungry and want to go eat.

Step 10:  We decide on our final selection and then we return to that dealership while “we” make the deal and do all the paperwork.
By “we” I mean my hubby makes the deal while I check out the selection in the vending machines and wander around the show room eating whatever I chose until I have to sign something because I can sit still and pay attention that long.

This is a long process that takes my hubby a lot of time and effort as you can see.  I put all this out there so that you could understand the full impact of the rest of my story.

This time in our car buying process, during Step 9, I test drive a couple SUVs and then my eyes land on a sporty little red car while we were sitting down with the salesperson.  It is the same type of car that I have had previously and enjoyed which went to my son when he turned 16. However, it has a slightly different body style and this one was red – with sparkles in it!

Let me tell you, my hubby did give me quite the look when I decided I wanted that one instead but he didn’t say a word (he really, really loves me) except to tell the salesman that we would be back.

My hubby had to go back and do all those steps again for the new car I decided I wanted and then we once again got back to Step 9 and following.

I now have a new, red, sparkly sporty car and you have a tiny insight into what it is like to love someone that has ADD, or ADHD or whatever they have decided to call it now.

Tell me your car buying experiences!

Sherpa Hats…An Impulse Buy

My husband is a frugal and very financially astute man. However, he has a bizarre weakness for infomercial type products – Our kitchen is full of things he has bought in this manner and some are very useful and some just take up space – That being said, I feel compelled to share his latest impulse buy with you.

The other day my husband came home from work and during our “how was your day” conversation he kind of looked down sheepishly and started the following conversation:

Hubby: Just so you know I made a purchase today.

(This was kind of unusual because he makes purchases all the time without any sort of proclamation, so my curiosity was already peaked.)

Me:  Ok. What was it?

Hubby: It was kind of an impulse buy.

Me: Really? (Now I’m really curious) What was it?

Hubby: Sherpa hats.

Me: Sherpa hats?? (I’m already trying very hard not to laugh)

Hubby: Yeah, you know those winter hats that have flaps that come down over your ears…

Me: Ok. (I’m no longer hiding my laughter) Well, those are warm and it will be nice to wear when I walk the dog. (I’m trying to make him feel better)

Hubby: Yeah.

Me:  Did you get one for all three of us?

Hubby: Well, I actually bought 12.

Me: (Lots of laughter prior to speaking) 12?  Why did we need 12 Sherpa hats?

Hubby: Well, it was a good price and they came in bulk. It seemed like a good deal.

Me:  Laughing way too hard for any response.

The moral of this story?
If you are one of my friends…guess what you are getting for Christmas.

Corn ON THE Cob

Hi!  It’s been awhile since I’ve written something hasn’t it!  Did you miss me??  🙂  I’ve been writing blogs for other people and realized that I have been neglected my own blog. Thus I have returned!

My beloved husband has recently discovered that he is allergic to corn.  It is not anything life threatening but it basically just makes him feel bad when he eats something with corn in it. So we went on a journey of discovery to figure out which foods he should stay away from.  This seemed like it would be simple enough, but little did we know but almost everything we eat has some form of corn in it.  We are talking bread, meat, eggs, candy, capsule form of medications, liquid medications and the list goes on forever!  Basically, what he can eat is chicken – if it isn’t corn fed – raw organic fruits and veggies (because the stuff they put on regular fruits and veggies to make them shiny, has a form of corn on it), and brown rice (not white rice even).

Well, since it is not a life threatening issue, we fudge periodically and just stick with things that don’t have high levels of corn – like things that actually use corn or corn meal, corn syrup, that sort of thing.  This way he can actually go out to eat occasionally and cheat without feeling too awful.  And being the loving, supportive people that myself and my son are…we tease him about it constantly.

For this past Father’s Day, a day when you tell your Father how much you love and respect him, we were searching high and low for a plastic ear of corn to wrap up and have our son give him.  Yes, we did the nice card and the nice gift and all that but we really wanted to also give him an ear of corn.  Well, there is a chain of pet stores that carry dog toys in the shape of various fruits and veggies so I thought we could find something there.  The entire week prior to Father’s Day, my son and I scoured the shelves of pet stores, dollar stores, and any store we could think of might have a reason to sell plastic or fake vegetables. These are not as plentiful as one might think.

Alas, we never did find what we were looking for so we had to stick with the love and respect thing for Father’s day. However, several weeks later all 3 of us were in a pet store and as we get to the cashier we notice a display of plastic toys in the shape of veggies (I am not sure even why this is a popular theme for dog toys) and there on top is an ear of corn!!

My son was so excited that he pick it up and said, “Look mom a corn cob!”
Then, before I could say anything, the lady that was checking us out, turned her head all the way around to give him a “look” and said, “Corn ON THE cob”. Then slowly turned her head and her “look” back around to finish checking us out.

As soon as (actually before) we got out of the store, my son and I looked at each other and in unison said, “Corn ON THE cob!” and laughed the whole way home.

Beer Making Kit….Fail

My husband and I met when we worked together years ago – I was his boss (this has no bearing on the story really I just like to bring it up whenever possible).  As the awesome boss that I was (I’m sure they all thought that), when Christmas time rolled around I would spend a significant amount of time trying to find something special for each employee – not just a generic gift card.  One year, I thought it would be fun to get the two guys (my now husband being one of these guys) a beer making kit.  It seemed like a unique and fun gift and I thought they would both enjoy.

Flash forward about 11 years and we have been dating for a bit and are now getting ready to get married.  I have a son from a prior marriage so Gerry was excited about going ahead and turning his guest room into our son’s “man-cave”.  So we started cleaning out the closet which was basically just used for storage prior to this.  We knew that my nephew and his girlfriend were going to be having a garage sale soon so we were setting some items that we wouldn’t need again to put in the sale.

Well, low and behold, hidden way in then back of this closet I see the Beer Making machine that I had given him all those years ago. Initially, I was touched that he had kept it all these years, at least right up until he saw it. This is how that conversation went…

Me: Oh look the beer machine!

Him:  Oh yeah, I forgot about that thing.  I have no idea where I got it but we can stick it in the garage sale pile and see if they can get anything for it.

Me: ….You don’t remember where you got it?
(My tone of voice has changed at this point but he is unaware of what that change means)

Him:  No. And I’ve never even opened it. Why make beer when I can just go out and buy it?
(Can you hear the sound of him digging his hole here?)

Me: ….(I am not actually speaking now but just staring at his back which causes him to turn around)

Him: ….(You could see the horrified look on his face as the light bulb went off in his head)
You gave it to me!

The Beer Making Kit sold in the garage sale.