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Adventures of Kai II

I took a walk with one of my dogs, Shelly, early in the morning one day and because the sun was just barely coming up I went a different route so we didn’t get in between Kai and his den. Just as an aside, Kai is very non-aggressive; however, I do realize that he is a wild animal and needs to be given his space. Back to my story….

Shelly and I were walking to a small greenbelt area to run around in and get some of her energy out. As I mentioned the sun was not quite up so visibility was not great plus, I was daydreaming and not really watching our surroundings. As we came around the side of a house that sat on the edge of this greenbelt area 3 figures all jumped straight up!  That would be Shelly, me – and Kai.  Apparently he was daydreaming too and we almost literally ran into him as we came around opposite sides of the house.

As I tried to get my mind to understand what had just happened, I realized was looking right into the beautiful golden eyes of that little Coyote that I had been watching over for the past couple of years. Then, I realized I was looking into the eyes of a wild coyote that I had just startled!

Thankfully Kai was still just standing there wondering what he should do and Shelly, my little 8 pound dog was looking up at me with a look that said nothing less than, “Why they heck are you just standing there mom?!?! Save me!”

After quickly thinking through every Discovery show I had seen and how to react when you happen upon a wild animal, I picked Shelly up so as to remove her as a possible prey option and started to back slowly away out of Kai’s “territory”.

I also kept saying, “It’s OK Kai, we are not going to hurt you,” over and over because I believe that all animals can understand everything I say – and they do.  🙂  After we got out of eyesight and back on the street, we continued on back home, but I did stop a couple of times to look behind us and one of those times I saw that Kai had moved into the tree line and was sticking his head out watching us walk away. The look in his eyes was sad and I worry about how lonely he is. He may very well have thought he had found a friend because he has no pack or family.  He is all alone and has been since he was little, but don’t worry, I have been watching over him all that time too and he will always have me.  And you will get stories of him every time I see him which is pretty often. I like to think he watches for me and lets me see him.

If you have any questions about wildlife in your neighborhood let me know and I will answer what I know and hunt down answers for what I don’t!