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Dog Mommy

Both my husband and I love and adore all of our dogs, but I am the dog Mommy.  This is very similar to being a human child’s mommy.  When the baby cries in the middle of the night who gets up? Or when the child has a bad dream or (my personal favorite) starts throwing up in the middle of the night?  It is usually to mommy’s side of the bed that the child tip-toes.  I know many daddies handle the night feedings these days and even stay home with their kids which is awesome, but most of the time it is usually the mommy – no hate from the daddies of the world please.

Anyway, the same seems to be true with the dog mommy as well.  If the dogs are sick in the middle of the night -I’m the one that hears it and gets up to take care of them. This also pertains to getting up in the morning to let them out and feed them.  Mind you, we have a very handy doggy door so they can go in and out any time they would like; however, for some reason, first thing in the morning, they want to share this joy with me so they need me to get up and let them out. Not sure why that is but it is what it is. Somehow, in their doggy minds they have decided that I am the one that should do this. So every morning; weekends, holidays, days I’m sick, EVERY morning, they walk across my body (the little ones – not the big one) and start giving me the sweetest little puppy kisses. Well, who can resist that? Not me! They are so cute and so excited to start a new day that I just can’t be mad at them so at 6:00 am EVERY morning, i get up to let there cute little selves out, then they want a treat, then they are hungry, then they are thirsty, then, well then I am awake and up and there will be no going back to sleep.

I will say that there are occasions when my sweet husband will wake up when the pups start stirring and get up to let them out, there by letting me sleep in.  Today was one of those days.  I slept until 7:15 am!  That may not seem like much to you but in my world that is like a teenager sleeping til noon – it was awesome!

I love being a dog mommy and I don’t mind getting up early every morning for them, but it is wonderful when the dog daddy gets to take care of them in the morning sometimes.

Thank you Dog Daddy!

The Adventures of Kai

I sent my husband a text that I hadn’t seen Cy in a while. His reply was that I misspelled Kai’s name. Why is this worthy of writing down? Well I had just made up that name for that initial text, but my husband knew exactly who I was talking about and took the time to think it through and decide how this name should be spelled.
Who is Kai? He is a Coyote that lives in the greenbelt in our neighborhood. He was born here but a couple years ago his family was moved by animal services who were, I’m sure, brought out by people who don’t know anything about animals and automatically think anything wild should not be allowed to live anywhere near them.
Anyway, Kai was missed in the round up of the rest of his family and I have been watching over him and making sure he is OK. He was young when he was left on his own so he is usually out a little too long in the daylight before going back to his den so, if I haven’t seen him after a couple days I always worry. Thus my husband knew who I was talking about and that we needed to get the name spelled correctly.
I will tell you more about Kai later as I cross paths with him often. 🙂

Quarter Horses and Race Horses

We went to the horse races over the weekend which is something I really enjoy.  I just love to watch the gorgeous horses running past me so I am always right up there on the rails as close as I can get.  As fun as this part is I noticed something else that is fun to watch at the horse races.

If you like horses you already know this but if you are not that into horses (I don’t even understand how that could be) let me explain before I continue.  Race horses and Quarter horses are very different breeds.

Race horses are pampered, fed the best feed and hay, have constant veterinary care and, to be perfectly honest, they are a bit “uppity”.  They touchy, high maintenance and feel very entitled. However, they are beautiful and to watch them run is just amazing.

Quarter horses are beautiful and just as cared for by their owners but these horses have a slightly better grasp on reality than a race horse. Quarter horses are much more down to earth and they aren’t afraid of a little hard work.  This is the horse you can count on to stay with you and help if the fence goes down in a storm, or to take the extra weight of baby calf that needs to be taken back to the barn for care.  A race horse is not going to even think about going into a storm for any reason but certainly not to work and if you think a race horse is going to let you put a sick or injured calf on its back you have another thing coming!

These are some of the basic differences between a race horse and a quarter horse. There are lots of other differences but I think you get the idea.

Back to the races….
Prior to each race, after the jockey has mounted the race horse, they are escorted to the track at which time they are paired up with a quarter horse whose job it is to lead the race horse out to the starting gate. I started watching this process during my last visit and I could not help but laugh each time!  If you look at the eyes and the faces of these quarter horses as they are pairing up with their race horse to lead each race it is hilarious.

The race horses are coming out all jumpy and pulling against their lead and you can just see the thoughts inside the minds of the quarter horses.  I just know they are thinking “How dumb can a horse be that I have to take them to the starting gate? Seriously? They can run fast and look pretty but they can’t manage to walk themselves to the gate without me to lead them!”  I swear you can actually see them roll their eyes when they pair up and start walking them down the track.

What is your favorite part of going to a horse race?

Clean up after Your Dog

I have 3 dogs, 2 little 8 pounders and 1 big 90 pounder. Everyone loves the little ones, but the big one, Boomer, gets either people that love him or don’t like him at all due to his size and their fear.  This morning I was walking 2 of them, Shelly and Boomer, though our neighborhood.

As an aside, before you decide I am horrible and cruel because I leave one of my dogs at home while I walk only two of them, let me tell you about Buddy. Buddy is our mini doxie and full of attitude. Buddy does not like to go for walks, it is exercise after all, and will run and hide if we get his leash out. He is perfectly content to sit on the couch watching TV while Shelly, Boomer and I go for a walk. However, he does expect a treat when we return. For what I’m not sure, but it has to be delivered to him at his spot on the couch, and that is exactly what I do of course because all of my dogs are horribly spoiled.

Now that you are not distracted wondering why my other “poor” dog doesn’t get to go on a walk, I will continue my story.

As I am walking the dogs this morning, Boomer does what he is generally expected to do on his walk and he makes a poo.  With a 90 pound dog this is not a small matter.  Well, about that time a friendly neighborhood jogger comes trotting by us and in as condescending a tone as he could muster, and he must have worked at it because it was really condescending, he greets me with, “You need to pick up after your dog” and jogged his little healthy self on down the road.

It helps the story to know that at the precise moment he made his neighborly greeting to me, I had my hand in the poop bag and was actually, physically bent over getting ready to pick it up. Not kidding.

And a good morning to you sir….