The Adventures of Kai

I sent my husband a text that I hadn’t seen Cy in a while. His reply was that I misspelled Kai’s name. Why is this worthy of writing down? Well I had just made up that name for that initial text, but my husband knew exactly who I was talking about and took the time to think it through and decide how this name should be spelled.
Who is Kai? He is a Coyote that lives in the greenbelt in our neighborhood. He was born here but a couple years ago his family was moved by animal services who were, I’m sure, brought out by people who don’t know anything about animals and automatically think anything wild should not be allowed to live anywhere near them.
Anyway, Kai was missed in the round up of the rest of his family and I have been watching over him and making sure he is OK. He was young when he was left on his own so he is usually out a little too long in the daylight before going back to his den so, if I haven’t seen him after a couple days I always worry. Thus my husband knew who I was talking about and that we needed to get the name spelled correctly.
I will tell you more about Kai later as I cross paths with him often. 🙂

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