Dog Mommy

Both my husband and I love and adore all of our dogs, but I am the dog Mommy.  This is very similar to being a human child’s mommy.  When the baby cries in the middle of the night who gets up? Or when the child has a bad dream or (my personal favorite) starts throwing up in the middle of the night?  It is usually to mommy’s side of the bed that the child tip-toes.  I know many daddies handle the night feedings these days and even stay home with their kids which is awesome, but most of the time it is usually the mommy – no hate from the daddies of the world please.

Anyway, the same seems to be true with the dog mommy as well.  If the dogs are sick in the middle of the night -I’m the one that hears it and gets up to take care of them. This also pertains to getting up in the morning to let them out and feed them.  Mind you, we have a very handy doggy door so they can go in and out any time they would like; however, for some reason, first thing in the morning, they want to share this joy with me so they need me to get up and let them out. Not sure why that is but it is what it is. Somehow, in their doggy minds they have decided that I am the one that should do this. So every morning; weekends, holidays, days I’m sick, EVERY morning, they walk across my body (the little ones – not the big one) and start giving me the sweetest little puppy kisses. Well, who can resist that? Not me! They are so cute and so excited to start a new day that I just can’t be mad at them so at 6:00 am EVERY morning, i get up to let there cute little selves out, then they want a treat, then they are hungry, then they are thirsty, then, well then I am awake and up and there will be no going back to sleep.

I will say that there are occasions when my sweet husband will wake up when the pups start stirring and get up to let them out, there by letting me sleep in.  Today was one of those days.  I slept until 7:15 am!  That may not seem like much to you but in my world that is like a teenager sleeping til noon – it was awesome!

I love being a dog mommy and I don’t mind getting up early every morning for them, but it is wonderful when the dog daddy gets to take care of them in the morning sometimes.

Thank you Dog Daddy!

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