Clean up after Your Dog

I have 3 dogs, 2 little 8 pounders and 1 big 90 pounder. Everyone loves the little ones, but the big one, Boomer, gets either people that love him or don’t like him at all due to his size and their fear.  This morning I was walking 2 of them, Shelly and Boomer, though our neighborhood.

As an aside, before you decide I am horrible and cruel because I leave one of my dogs at home while I walk only two of them, let me tell you about Buddy. Buddy is our mini doxie and full of attitude. Buddy does not like to go for walks, it is exercise after all, and will run and hide if we get his leash out. He is perfectly content to sit on the couch watching TV while Shelly, Boomer and I go for a walk. However, he does expect a treat when we return. For what I’m not sure, but it has to be delivered to him at his spot on the couch, and that is exactly what I do of course because all of my dogs are horribly spoiled.

Now that you are not distracted wondering why my other “poor” dog doesn’t get to go on a walk, I will continue my story.

As I am walking the dogs this morning, Boomer does what he is generally expected to do on his walk and he makes a poo.  With a 90 pound dog this is not a small matter.  Well, about that time a friendly neighborhood jogger comes trotting by us and in as condescending a tone as he could muster, and he must have worked at it because it was really condescending, he greets me with, “You need to pick up after your dog” and jogged his little healthy self on down the road.

It helps the story to know that at the precise moment he made his neighborly greeting to me, I had my hand in the poop bag and was actually, physically bent over getting ready to pick it up. Not kidding.

And a good morning to you sir….


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  1. I met Buddy when he was about eight weeks old so can verify Buddy does not like to go for walks; never has since he was a pup. He will cower and even leave a wee bit of a puddle to protest putting on a leash. He is a smart one though. He has trained all of us to bide by his wishes like bringing him treats while sitting in his special place!

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